Tripura Biotechnology Council, as an interim arrangement, share its office space with Tripura Renewable Energy Development Agency (TREDA) in the ground floor of Vigyan Bhawan at Pandit Nehru Complex, Kunjavan, Agartala.


Improve management of bio-resources in Tripura through biotechnological interventions for sustainable socio-economic development of the State


1. Generate awareness about opportunities of biotechnology in Tripura.
2. Introduce proven biotechnological packages in management of bio-resources
3. Promote entrepreneurial development for efficient use of bio-resources through biotechnological intervention to generate employment in rural and urban areas to boost up the GDP of the state
4. Develop locally relevant biotechnological interventions for qualitative and quantitative improvement in management of bio- resources
5. Study and document the unique bio-diversity of Tripura
6. Develop institution, infrastructure and policy to achieve these objectives.

Physical Manpower

The work of Tripura Biotechnology council is implementing by the Member Dy. Secretary and 6 (six) Nos. of contractual project personnel. The details manpower and structure of TBC is given below:

1) Chairman   01
2) Vice- Chairman   01
3) Member Secretary   01
3) Member Dy. Secretary   01
5) Accounts Officer   01(contractual)
6) Senior Technical Assistant   02(contractual)
7) Field Assistant   02(contractual)
8) Technical Assistant   01(contractual)
9) Daily Casual Labour   02(contractual)
TOTAL   12 (Twelve)