1. Name of the Project:Establishment of tissue culture raised hi-tech sabri banana nucleus nursery at south Tripura. (The project revised as “Establishment of a nucleus nursery & model orchard of Sabri & other elite varieties of Banana at Barabhaiya gram Panchayat in Matabari R.D. Block, South Tripura”)

2. Project Period: 3 (Three) years

3. Objective of the project:
(a) To establish a nucleus nursery over 1.0 ha. land for production of sucker of Sabri Banana.
(b) To develop a Model Orchard of Sabri banana over 1.0 ha. land for demonstration.
(c) To organize training of farmers in management of Sabri banana nursery & model orchard.
(d) To generate organic manure in situ for nursery & model orchard for Sabri banana through vermiculture.
(e) To institutionalize joint management of nursery by DRDA & a local NGOs/SHGs.

4. Target area: 2 (Two) ha.

5. Number of beneficiary involved: 50 (fifty) nos.

6. Current Status:
As per revised project proposal, implementation work has been completed only maintenance work is going on.
As per revised proposal, the physical achievement is given below:

(i)A nucleus nursery of elite variety of Sabri banana over an area of 1(one) ha. land has been established at Barabhaiya G.P Bagma under Matabari R.D Block, South Tripura District.
(ii) A model orchard of elite variety of sabri banana over an area of 1(one) ha. land has been established at Barabhaiya G.P Bagma under Matabari R.D Block, South Tripura District.
(iii) Barfed iron boundary fencing covered by 2(Two) ha. land has been erected at project implementing site.
(iv) An overhead tank (10ft. X 15ft. X 10ft.) has been constructed at project site for irrigation purpose.
(v) 05 numbers training programme has been conducted involving 250 Nos. of beneficiaries.
(vi) A submergible motor pump has been installed for uplifting ground water in overhead tank.
(vii) A building for the purpose of training of farmers regarding cultivation of sabri banana & its management has been constructed at the project site.
(vii) Three phase electrical line has been installed for power supply.
(ix) 10 (Ten) training programme for SHG/ Beneficiaries has been conducted.
(x) 1 (One) mini truck (Bolero camper) has been procured for transportation of planting materials.
(xi) Audio-visual aids has been procured & installed.
(xi) Sabri banana plantation has been raised in the land of 5 (five) SHGs groups. The land of per SHG is 0.25 ha. Each group of SHG earned approximate Rs. 3000/-(Three thousand) only in first year.
(xiii) 1(One) Technical Asstt. & 2(two) Field Labour has been engaged at project site for maintenance work of the project.
(xiv) 10 (Ten) sample of sabri banana has been sent to NRC, Tirucherapalli, Tamilnadu for virus testing. Accordingly result has been obtained from NRC centre. The report indicated that the sample is virus free.
(xv) We had supplied the mother plants of sabri banana from the nursery to Ramco Biotech, Bangalore for T.C. sabri banana planting materials for implementation of DBT Mission project.

7. Post project period activity:
Extension of sabri banana plantation in land of more beneficiaries/SHGs is going on as a follow up activities of the project & for utilization of unspent fund after project period.