1. Name of the Project: “Cultivation of nutritional, medicinal and vegetable plants at household & community level in rural Tripura”.

2. Project Period:  3 (Three) years.

3. Sanctioned amount:  10.70 lakhs

4. Amount received:  4.70. lakhs

5. Source of fund:  NEDFi, Govt. of India (part fund) & State budget, Govt. of Tripura.

6. Objective of the project:
i) Selection of commonly grown fruit and vegetable plants and herbs in Tripura, which have high nutritional values.
ii) Selection of herbs growing easily and known for their medicinal values for treatment of common ailments, as well as having extra ordinary healing properties.
iii) Create awareness among the rural communities on the subject and popularize growing them at household level in kitchen gardens and backyards, as well as at community level.
iv) To train the people on preparation of various herbal extracts and their use for treating ailments in a safe manner.
v) Training on preparation of bio pesticides and soil nutrients which can be preparedfrom turmeric, garlic, ginger, cow’s urine,bio gas slurry etc.
vi) Promote integrated crop-animal management packages to make the community self sufficient.
vii) Encourage rural entrepreneurship based on post harvest technologies on above crops.
viii) Arrange supply of nutritional vegetable to the schools in the locality for serving the school children in Mid-Day Meal scheme, and hence assure remunerative marketing to the farmers.

7. Target area:  10 (Ten) ha.

8. Number of beneficiary involved:  1000 numbers.

9. Current Status:
(i) Implementation work has been started.
(ii) Project Monitoring Committee has been set up for the proper implementation of the project.
(iii) Two project sites have already been identified.
(iv) Applications have been received from the beneficiaries.

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